Custom Wedding Speeches

Custom wedding speeches should put your feelings into words. A wedding is, after all, a special and emotive occasion. You plan for months to get everything just right on the day. The flowers, though, will die, the cake will be eaten and the dress will end up at the back of the wardrobe. The speech you give, however, whether good or bad, will be remembered for many years to come. There may also be a video recording of your finest hour! We at can help you express just what that special day means to you. Let us put our years of experience at your disposal by helping you with one of our custom wedding speeches. It will add a lovely finishing touch to the big day.

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Our Price

Wedding speeches cost US$150/€110 and are usually between three and five minutes depending on the information provided. They are written in close consultation with the client and are usually delivered within three to four days. Longer speeches cost US$50/€35 per additional minute. We recommend three minutes for most speeches because we believe in content rather than length.

We write speeches for fathers and mothers
For grooms and for their lovely brides
We write speeches for each of the couple
And for all of their guests too besides
So if you're an aunt or a cousin
Or a best man who takes to the floor
And you want to wow the guests with a speech
Contact us, they'll be shouting "Encore"