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We would like your speech to be very special. To make it memorable we need to form a mental picture of the couple in question and your relationship with them. So please do answer the questions as fully as possible. We do not need pages of information just a summing up of the important details.

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It is my Golden Wedding Anniversary party organized by my children.

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13. Important details of couple e.g. jobs personalities, hobbies, skills and interests.

The following are examples only please give your own details.

Wife is a nurse, adores children, tennis, loves the theatre, is a great cook and enjoys soaps. She is a quiet person, reads a lot, a lovely singer, an enthusiastic traveller and a keen member of Amnesty. (If applicable) She is devoted to her children and always there to listen to them or help sort out their problems.

Husband is a pilot. He plays bridge, is mad about soccer, is totally undomesticated and the life and soul of every party. He is in the Red Cross and is very keen on debating and spends every weekend in a cottage in the mountains where he fishes. He has a keen sense of humour.

Family. We have two sons Roger and Richard and a daughter Susan. Our five grandchildren are Amy (2) Jos (4) Hannah and Beth (Twins of ten) and Louis 14.

We have always read to the children a lot and brought them for trips to the seaside. We go to every school play, sports day and all Louis's piano recitals.

Add some gentle humour to the speech by telling us the couple's well-known foibles/faults. So if the husband is a chocoholic or has three left feet and cannot dance tell us. If the wife cannot park her car in a field, spends a fortune at shopping or never gets off the phone tell us that too.

14. Family incidents. This is an occasion to remember some incident or treasured family story. So tell about:

The time you all went to Venice on a family holiday.
The time dad was very ill and the way the family rallied around.
How mom went back to school after thirty years and got an honours degree.
How your friends have had you over for thanksgiving for thirty years.

15. Omissions. There may be some people or subjects you do not want mentioned e.g. a divorce, or perhaps gambling or drink. Please specify.
16. Anything else?
17. Summing up. Please say in one sentence just what the occasion means to you?
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