Custom Wedding Anniversary Speeches

Custom wedding anniversary speeches really add to any anniversary celebration. That is especially true if the celebration is a very special one such as a silver, ruby or gold anniversary. These are times for expressing love for, and gratitude to, the couple in question. Such a speech should mention just what the couple means to family and friends. The speech should refer to the lifetime of the couple, the funny incidents shared, the way they overcame sorrows and of course it should wish them bright tomorrows. Naturally the couple may want to respond to such good luck wishes and express their feelings for the family and friends who have been so much a part of their lives. At, our custom wedding anniversary speeches say it all, beautifully.

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We have been providing wedding anniversary speeches on the net since 1995. All such speeches are written in close consultation with the client and are usually delivered within three to four days. However, we always try to meet a deadline.

So, if you want a sentimental speech telling your grandparents how much they mean or a light-hearted toast to some friends, let us help. You'll be glad you did.

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Custom wedding anniversary speeches cost US$150/€110 for a minimum three-minute speech. Longer speeches cost US$50/€35 per additional minute. We recommend three minutes for most speeches because we believe in content rather than length.

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