Custom Wedding Anniversary Speech Sample

Family and friends,

A wedding anniversary is a bit like a birthday in that it comes around once a year. Some are low key affairs with, perhaps, a husband and wife going out to dinner. Others are celebrated on a more lavish scale, especially when the couple reach a milestone such as their silver or golden wedding anniversaries. Tonight Mary and I are forty years married and I think it is time I told her how much she means to me. Of course I have told her I love her many times over the years, particularly in the early stages of our courtship and marriage. Since then I might be accused of being a little lax about expressing my feelings. In fact like most men I have probably thought that she knew how I felt about her. After all I worked all my life for her and the children and let's face it I am still living at home!

Today though I heard a saying which struck me as being relevant. . It was "God gave you a gift of 86,400 seconds today. Have you used one to say "thank you?" I realised to my horror that I haven't really ever said thank you to Mary for 40 years of preparing meals, ironing shirts and washing clothes. I never thanked her for making me laugh and she did that many times wittingly and unwittingly and I definitely won't say anything here about her parking ability tonight. I never thanked her for the gift of wonderful children. In fact I suppose I took our marriage for granted.

Mary stood by me when others walked away. She was there when I was ill and cranky and when I was stressed out about work. She was there when I felt low and equally important here when I had good news to impart. I think having something good happen and having nobody with whom to share it must be the loneliest thing in the world. Knowing that someone is always on your side is one of the best. Mary was always there when I needed her.

Just in case you think I have been living in the little house on the prairie I have to be honest and admit we had our differences. In fact there were days when she was not my favourite person in the world and I was definitely not hers. For some reason most men would understand I was not too interested in tackling the job list when I could be playing golf... I was definitely not keen on cutting the hedges when I could be watching my favourite sport on television. My attention span when it comes to shopping is well known in the family to be about two. minutes. She doesn't like it either when she asks me which dress looks nicer on her and I don't pay attention because I am watching the news. She was definitely not impressed when I ran out of petrol the night I was taking her to hospital to have John.

Over the years we have made many memories together. Tonight I am thinking of times when we brought the children camping and the fun we had together. That was of course when we finally arrived. My less than favourite memory is the children plaintively asking every mille "Are we nearly there yet? I remember the birthday parties, those first days at school and the graduations. In fact tonight I have a whole colleague of memories and Mary features in all of them. I am afraid that I have to put it on record that Mary made the birthday cakes, brought the children to school on that first nerve-wracking day and encouraged and cajoled our growing children to study for their exams. My contribution was usually to tell Mary to do whatever she thought was best. That was clever you see. In that way I couldn't be blamed for a cake that dropped, a child that refused to go into school or someone failing an exam.

Tonight we are celebrating with our family and friends and that's how it should be. Marriage needs the support of family and friends and you are the people who share our lives with us. We can share jokes, tell stories and party together. We are delighted that so many of you have come tonight and thank you for your lovely gifts. That's another thing Mary always did, she always wrote the thank you cards. Over to you Mary.

The more I come to think of it the more I realise that my wife is invaluable. Our forty years of marriage have had their ups and downs like any marriage but they have also had warmth and laughter. Tonight I want to pay tribute to the woman who made this possible.

Family and friends please join me in a toast to the most wonderful wife in the world, Mary.