Custom Speech Opening Sample

Senator, honoured guests, colleagues, ladies and gentlemen,

I have been feeling lately that I must be socially unacceptable. After all I wasn't asked to address the Senate. I wasn't asked to give my ideas on fiscal policy to the International Monetary group. Even worse, nobody has asked me to put myself forward for the next Presidential elections. Today, however, I feel my day has finally come. as well as some other very distinguished guests. I am truly honoured, on behalf of our shareholders, to welcome you to the opening of the .new Supreme Hotel.

The area surrounding the hotel was, until recently, completely derelict and rather an eyesore. As you may have noticed driving in however, it is now a wonderful asset to the neighbourhood with its attractive housing, its lakeland walks and, of course the Supreme hotel itself. We haven't actually named it as an attraction in our new brochure but if you want to feed the ducks the Supreme is obviously THE place to stay.

It is also, of course, the place the stay if you want to do business locally if you want to relax in quiet luxurious surroundings or if you want to be spoiled for choice. The city, you see with all its amenities is only about three miles away. Add to that the fact that the airport and the Highway is nearby and you can see that staying in the Supreme really gives you travel options. It is, you might say, a place where journeys begin.

Today I think it is true to say a dream has come true for those of us involved in this project. Finding the right site for any building is always a challenge but I think you will all agree that in locating this particular site Jim Stanley has really excelled himself. Sherlock Holmes himself would have found Jim an ideal assistant for meticulous research and follow through of ideas. So thank you Jim

Anyone who has ever had even a small extension built at home will empathise with the difficulties one can have with builders. We, on the other hand, were blessed in having Murphy and Merry and their sub-contractors to build this hotel in, let me add, record time. So thank you John Dunne, Peter, Leo, Johnny, Derek and of course all the backroom people and the sub-contractors. I think you will all agree that their work is a credit to their workmanship.

There were, of course, a few moments of high drama in the past months but they were designed I feel sure, to keep Sue Weston and her team here on their toes. You will be relieved to know that they have worked so hard and succeeded so well that our problem will be to keep her and her team here in at the Supreme. You see while the it is it is part of an International Hotel Group, which has 4200 hotels worldwide including 200 in Europe. As in all such groups news travels fast and I am sure there are other managers who have been eyeing our success here with envy. I want to put it on record that what we have we hold.

Doctors may differ but so do architects. Our policy at the Supreme is to have nothing but the best and we found the best in Yates and Weston. Their team took our ideas on board and with their expertise and skill delivered a hotel that I think you will all agree blends cleverly with the surrounding beauty. I would like to put it on record how much we appreciate the work of Jacinta Hume, Jane Smith, Ross, Paul, Brian and Sarah who were responsible for a hotel that combines the best of two worlds, that is all that is modern yet classically beautiful.

They say that East is east and West is west and ne'er the twin shall meet but today they have met in the décor of the Supreme. Our aim has been to provide a hotel with all the modern business facilities you could desire coupled with the tranquillity and peace of the East. We want, you see, quite literally, for our guests to have the best of both worlds.

I know that in polite company I should never mention politics or religion and you will be relieved to know I don't intend to mention these subject. While I would not be so impolite either as to talk about money I must, whisper this, mention bed nights. So if any of you know anybody who would like to stay in a top class hotel, in rural surroundings just minutes from the big city's heartbeat, I would be obliged if you would mention The Supreme. In fact if any of you need hotel accommodation I would like to emphasise that our rates are excellent, our menus mouth-watering and our service friendly, professional and prompt. Finally, however, while bed nights are very important to us and while we always try to facilitate most functions you will, I am sure, be relieved to know that we do draw the line at pyjama parties!

Obviously I am very glad to welcome our distinguished guests... I hope that you will all enjoy the rest of your evening with us. . Speaking of distinguished guests there can, of course be none more distinguished than our Senator John Moore whose address now will, I am sure, add to your enjoyment of this opening.