Custom Graduation Speech Sample

Family and friends,

I have to admit that, despite graduating, I would never win Mastermind or Questions and Answers. What I would win, though, is a prize for having the best parents in the world. It was their hard work, their encouragement and their determination that helped me to graduate.

In lots of families graduation is more or less taken for granted. There may be, for instance, a history of doctors in the family. While the parents are happy that their children have graduated it is nothing more than they would have expected. In my case, though, it is different. I am, you see, the first person ever to graduate in my family.

My parents came to this country when I was 8 years of age. They had little education and had few opportunities in their native India. So they worked at whatever jobs they could find to feed and educate their children. All their earnings were spent on us. Today my two younger brothers are in High School and I know I have made their dream for me come true by qualifying as an architect.

Tonight we are celebrating and that is something that we Indians do very well. I am delighted that so many of my college friends are here to join my family on this special occasion. They know, more than most, how hard to is to study when there are so many distractions at college. Let's face it there are so many groups and societies that it is very easy to become involved in swimming or debating or whatever else takes your fancy and very hard to stick to the books. If you are a genius, of course, this does not matter but as my friends well know I am not a genius and I am of a very sociable nature. So I infinitely preferred to have coffee with the gang and argue well into the night than to study. Nonetheless I only lapsed occasionally and here I am today as an architect with the whole world open before me.

I will probably never design another Taj Mahal but I hope that I will be able to build the future that my parents want for me. I hope that I will become a decent member of society and that I will design homes that will make people proud to live in them and other buildings that will enhance our landscape.

Today is the beginning of the rest of my life. On second thoughts that sounds like a challenge and tonight is not the night for such a challenge. So let's say that tomorrow, rather late, is the beginning of the rest of my life. Tonight is a night for enjoyment. It's a night to forget hard work and to work hard at having fun. I know from my experience of them that my fellow students have no problem with that! I hope that we will share many gatherings together over the years because the friendships you make are probably one of the big bonuses of college life.

There is an old saying that goes, "Some men see things as they are & ask why - I dream things that never were and say why not?" My parents did just that for me and so today I would ask you to raise your glasses in a toast to the people who made today possible, mom and dad!