Custom Father of the Groom Speech Sample

The Irish have a traditional greeting when welcoming guests. They say, "You are a hundred thousand times welcome". I think that that saying must have originated here in Switzerland because we have certainly been most warmly welcomed and we are already very much at home here. So obviously I am delighted to welcome Clara and her family into our extended clan. I hope that we will share many such happy family occasions together.

Thomas and Clara chose May Day or Labour Day for their wedding and as we all know that is the day when workers are celebrated. The beautiful church in which they were married was the result of lots of hard work by (Name of bride's mother) It had not been used for a wedding for fifteen years so she rolled up her sleeves and washed floors and cleaned windows. The result was, I am sure you will agree, that the wedding ceremony took place in a most beautiful setting. I would like to thank Fr. Justin for the lovely ceremony which was so personal. I know Thomas and Clara will remember it for the rest of their lives

Speaking of Labour Day I have to tell you that Thomas too is a hard worker although he may have broken some Labour laws by running messages for the local store when he was only ten. His payment was his favourite comic. I am happy to say that he has remained great friends with his first employer and he and his wife are very welcome guests here today. Thomas's business interests started in School when he won an investment portfolio project. Since then he has worked for many companies and has won many business awards. Thomas is an achiever which is just as well as Clara is a shopaholic and will delight in spending his money. It goes without saying that his greatest achievement has been to persuade Clara to marry him.

Now I wouldn't like you all to think Thomas is perfect. After all Clara will need to polish him up a bit as all good wives do. He can be a bit impatient at times for instance but overall he is a wonderful son. I can vouch for that because when I broke my neck and was in hospital for ages he visited me every single day. In fact, and I know Gillian will agree with me when I say he is a wonderful, loving, dependable son. Despite being a hard worker Thomas has other interests too. He is a member of a golf club. He is a keen cook and his roast pork is delicious. He also plays chess. He loves Cloudy Bay red wine but, as a sign of the times, now shops in around for bargains which really amuses his siblings. Whatever about that I bet he never thought he would see the day when he would have his own l brand of wine brewed especially for the wedding by Clara's grandfather. With her grandmother making the pasta for the meal you have to admit that it seems that everyone in Clara's family is determined that this will be a day to remember.

That's how it should be of course because Clara is a very special girl and we love her as one of our own. She is very family orientated and we have found that one of her delights is to look at the family photograph albums. As Thomas is one of ten and we have eight grandsons there are plenty of photos in it and whisper this, Clara, we would love to have some photos of a little granddaughter to put in it!

Clara and Thomas are building a house here in Switzerland and in keeping with the family tradition of hard work her dad is chopping wood for it. He, of course, is the father of the bride and so a very important person here today. I would like to remind him though that without me, there would be no Thomas and no wedding!

Thomas loves to party and Clara loves to dance and that's just how it should be at a wedding. She will be able to whisper sweet nothings to him in perfect English because she now speaks it fluently. Unfortunately I cannot speak German or French as fluently but I would like to end my speech by saying.

May the wind in your life be a following wind
May you suffer no hardship or storm
May your love for each other grow stronger each day
May your home be welcoming and warm.

I wish you both a lifetime of love and happiness.