Custom Father of the Bride Speech Sample

Family and friends,

I have never been an expert at playing the word game Scrabble. If I were I would probably have no problem in finding words to express my feelings on Mary's wedding day. However even the Scrabble dictionaries don't have words that describe the mixture of gladness and sadness I feel today. They don't have words to express my pride in my daughter and my delight in her happiness either. Nor, I hasten to add, are there any words to express the chaos caused by having a wedding in the family.

You will be glad to know that I decided early on to do what men do best and that is to delegate wedding matters to my womenfolk. I based this decision on the fact that women are used to making life and death decisions such as at what age their child can cross the road safely. I reckoned that they would be well able to cope with such tricky questions as to which florist to choose, what cake to make and who would feature on the invitation list. Looking around today I can see that all those who are close to Mary and John are with them on their wedding day and of course, that proves how wise I was to delegate. It gives me great pleasure to welcome you to this, the best organised wedding of the year.

There is a saying that everything comes to those who wait and let's be honest about this, we had to wait for this day. Mary and John, you see, evaded Cupid's arrows for quite a while. This might have been because they were both painting the town red in different cities. John, you see was stationed in Switzerland while Mary stayed close to home. It was only when her company sent her to Switzerland to an environmental conference that she met John. Their love of the environment soon led to their love for each other and today they are committing themselves to each other for life.

That's a huge commitment but it is also a wonderful feeling to be loved exclusively by someone else. That's why Mary looks so happy today and why John has the contented look of a man whose dreams have come true. I don't blame him for that. Not alone has he Mary as his beautiful bride but he has got me for a father-in-law as well. Now that's what I call being twice blessed!

Today I am remembering Mary as the baby whose photo was always in my wallet. I am remembering playing ball in the park and how she loved to paddle when we went to the beach. I am remembering reading bedtime stories and let's be honest about this, her struggle with her maths homework. Geometry was always a mystery to Mary and I am afraid I was not cut out to be the teacher of the year. However we struggled on and Mary soon became passionate about our environment and took environmental studies in college. Today she manages her own section and she and John have riveting conversations about pollution and the rain forest. You will notice that I have carefully omitted some of her teenage years. I would just say that during those years she did not believe that father knew best.

There is an old saying that the apple never falls far from the tree meaning that children take after their parents. John obviously comes from a wonderful family who have taught him how to be a perfect gentleman. I am delighted to welcome him and his into our extended family. I look forward to many more happy family occasions together. My bank manager has asked though that they be on a slightly more modest scale. Today is a happy occasion. It's a day for fun and laughter and catching up on the gossip. It's a day for making new friends and meeting old ones. Today the future looks promising and that's how it should be on a wedding day.

Mary is her mother's daughter in every way. She is kind and generous and great company. She has had the same friends since she was small and I think that says a lot about someone Mary is a very loving and supportive sister and today it gave me great pleasure to see Jennifer and Denise acting as her bridesmaids. I have never heard so many giggles as I have heard in the last few months as they consulted and arranged and drew up lists together. Today is a family occasion and Mary and John are now setting up their own family unit and I will have to add another branch to the family tree.

I wish my daughter and her new husband a lifetime of happiness together. May they always be as much in love as they are today. In fact in the words of an old Irish toast I would like to say

May your home be a home filled with joy and with laughter
And may your love grow in your ever after.