Custom Birthday Speech Sample

Ladies and gentlemen, Isn't it strange how we get to meet different people? Sixteen years ago I moved into my new house and a few days later Mary knocked on my door and offered to house sit for me. Being a business person myself I was very impressed with her entrepreneurial spirit. Furthermore she immediately provided me with a list of people who were prepared to give her glowing references. Here, I thought, was a woman after my own heart. I have never had cause to reverse that opinion. Tonight I am delighted that we are all gathered to celebrate Mary's birthday.

Since our first meeting Mary has become much more than a family friend, she has become an essential part of our home life. Jane and I can go away with an easy mind when Mary is around. We know the house, not the mention the dogs are both in good hands while she is in charge. Even more importantly over the years she has minded the children, done school runs and stepped in whenever she was needed. She has provided our children with something that is very rare in today's world and that is love and stability. At every family occasion we don't put Mary on our invitation list. She is just one of the family and doesn't need an invitation.

Over the years we got to know Mary well and to wonder at how easily she had settled into our locality. As you might guess from her accent she came from Scotland. Since then she has participated in every aspect of the life of the people hereabouts. She has, for example, been a leading lady in the local dramatic society. Weeds wouldn't dare grow in her beautiful garden. Those of you who are here tonight bear witness to that fact because she has touched your lives in different ways. She is, I know you will agree, the sort of person who is always on call when you need her. She is always ready to lend a listening ear to your problems. Mary could never claim to have all of this world's riches. She has, however, the wonderful attribute of never being envious. She is always genuinely glad for you when something good happens to you.

Mary has her own unique way of dividing up her relationships. Those closest to her are, as she says, people whom she could hug. We had no trouble at all in making out the guest list tonight. I am sure you are all glad to know you are huggable.

Mary maintains she is celebrating her eightieth birthday tonight and, being a gentleman, I daren't contradict her. I am though working on a new business idea because I believe she has discovered the secret of eternal youth. It has something to do with her energy and enthusiasm and I hope she will let me bottle it and sell it. I think we would make a fortune.

Tonight though is not a night for business talks. Tonight is a night of celebration. It's a night for cards and candles and cakes. It's a night when we remember the past and toast Mary's future. . When she knocked on our door she brought friendship, loyalty, laughter and love. I can wish her nothing better. Ladies and gentlemen please lift your glasses in a toast to Mary.