Custom Best Man Speech Sample

Ladies and gentlemen,

Being a best man is challenging and I am not quite sure if I am up to the challenge. After all I had to remember the ring, and coach the groom in saying I"I do." More importantly I had to ensure that he didn't collapse with nerves while waiting at the altar. Even worse I am now expected to give a riveting speech. Well I suppose succeeding in three out of four isn't too bad!

John has been my friend since childhood. We went to school together. We went to college together and we graduated together. I should think that was enough togetherness without his asking me to be his best man. However he did just that and of course I said it would be a privilege. I didn't add, out loud, that it was about time that someone took him in hand and I was delighted that Mary had undertaken that job. You see Mary is a wonderful person with great skill, tact and charm and I knew she would be the best possible person to brush off his rough edges. I am, you see, reliably informed that every bachelor has rough edges.

Today she looks beautiful and John looks besotted. That's nothing new he has looked like that since he first met Mary at a friend's wedding. I am not saying that he is no longer interested in football and nights out with the boys. I am merely saying that for the last while he was much more into wedding plans. I am not sure either whether he was much help to Mary in that direction. John is a very nice guy but I think his input on flowers, fancy dresses and what kind of cake to make would be unhelpful to say the least. Well I suppose he tried and that's all you can expect of a man when it comes to weddings.

Over the years we have shared many memorable occasions together. I would like to tell you about some of them but I cannot because this is a family occasion. I can assure Mary though that he is now a reformed character and that in future he won't leave his luggage behind in the hotel, he won't be late for his flights and he definitely won't run out of money on holiday all of which he has done when on vacation with me. John is, you see, a bit absent minded and lives for the moment. If something distracts him all his well organised plans are forgotten. He left his luggage in the hotel because the cab driver taking us to the airport arrived in a very fancy car which distracted him completely. John has a mania for cars and is never happier than when he is covered in oil and tinkering with engines. I have to admit though that he cleaned up well today.

John is a great friend. I spent a long time on the sidelines of our football team when I broke my ankle. He always made sure to involve me in all the team's non-footballing activities. He is always at the end of the line when I want a chat and we meet regularly. I know if I am in trouble John will be the first to offer help. I have got to know Mary well too and I have shared many happy times with them. I am delighted that John has met someone who values him as I do.

Weddings are occasions for love and laughter and there is plenty of both here today. I know John and Mary are delighted that so many of their family and friends travelled to be with them on this, their wedding day. It is, of course, a special day but it is only the beginning of, what I hope will be years more of joy and happiness for two such lovely people.

Mary and John have lots in common. They both love parties and they both love dancing. They are both keen hill walkers and are very interested in nature. I know Mary loves to shop but I think even the most loving husband will baulk at that and Mary will find it better fun to go shopping with her mother or her sisters.

Speaking of sisters Jill and Joanne are Mary's lovely bridesmaids today. As best man it is my final duty to reply to the groom's toast to them. They were, as he said, all that bridesmaids should be and certainly they helped Mary make wedding a very enjoyable event. However I know they won't object when I say that though they were lovely the two people who stole the show were the two little flower girls Lisa and Noelle. They will certainly enhance the photographs and I promise I will stay firmly in the background so as not to spoil those photographs. The guy with the proud beam on his face, will, understandably be my friend John. I hope that on his fiftieth wedding anniversary he and Mary will still both be happily beaming.