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We would like your speech to be very special. To make it memorable we need to form a mental picture of the retiree and your relationship with her/him. So please do answer the questions as fully as possible. We do not need pages of information just a summing up of the important details.

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  • The speech will be written and sent to you. If you require any modifications you can let us know at that stage and the speech will be modified and the final version will be resent to you.
  • We offer a 100% refund policy. If you're not happy with your speech, we will refund the money to your account in full. We have been writing speeches since 1995 and over 99.5% of customers have been happy with their speeches.

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(Please note these are only examples and give us your own details) John has worked for the company for twenty years. He is an excellent engineer and very popular with the clients because of his deep interest in their requirements. He is the life and soul of every office party and sings "Greensleeves" although it is somewhat off-key. He is very generous, always the first to put his hand in his pocket for any charitable collection. He has never been late to work. He is a keen basketball player, plays cards with his colleagues on Friday night and will be sorely missed by the social committee. However his retirement will give him time to weed that garden for his long-suffering wife.
Mary has worked with the company for five years. She is a very kind person and always has time to listen to your problems and to help out if she can. She is a keen on doing crosswords and has two Alsatians who are bigger than she is. She always has a cream cake at coffee break. All her colleagues will sorely miss her for her wonderful sense of humour as well as her enthusiasm for her work. She will though have plenty of time to visit her extended family all over the world as she has long threatened to do.

13. Incident. If you have a memory or an incident of the person in question now is the time to mention it. So please say if you would like it included.

I remember especially the first day John came to work with us. He was here two hours early and was nearly frozen to the doorpost by the time someone came to open the office.
Mary will be long remembered as the person who organised the best ever office outing. Her administrative skills ensured the impossible feat of bringing 200 people to an island for a picnic and arriving safely home with the same number.

14. Future. Has the retiree any plans for retirement such as setting up a new company?
15. Summing up. Please say in one sentence what the retiree means to you.
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  2. Customers who reside in the European Union (Excluding the Rep. of Ireland) will be charged Vat at 21.5% for speeches/poems for personal purposes (weddings etc.) If it is for business purposes and a Vat number is provided, vat will not be charged.

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