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We would like your speech to be very special. To make it so we need to form a mental picture of you, your personality and your job. So please do answer the questions as fully as possible. We don't need pages of information just a summing up of the important details.

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I have worked for the company for twenty years. It is an engineering company started as a one-man outfit but I went into partnership with the owner and we have built it up into a multi million pound company it is today. Naturally there were some mishaps over the years but we persevered. We never heard of the forty-hour week though because we both worked all the hours of the day and long into the night. We played golf together too and many of our ideas came to light on the 19th hole.

12. Thanks

I would like to offer my thanks to my partner Mike and our board of directors for always having faith in my ideas and supporting me in every way possible.

I would like a special word of thanks for the janitor who was always so obliging and for the tea lady who saved my sanity on occasions.

13. Incident. If you have a memory or an incident mention it.

Tonight I cannot help but remember the time the office flooded and we came in to see filing cabinets floating down the corridor towards us.

14. Future

I have, as you know a great interest both in sport and in drama. I also, unfortunately have a long job list to shorten.

15. Appreciation for retirement gift. If it is something to do with a hobby of yours it would be gracious to mention how you will use it. Otherwise just say a nice thank you.
16. Summing up. Please say in one sentence what you will miss about the place you have worked and about your colleagues.
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