Custom Poems

A customized poem adds fun to a party, expresses loving wishes and is as unique as the person about whom it are written. So if you want to say, "Welcome to the New Baby", "Happy Birthday" or "Have a lovely Anniversary" we'll write the poem for you. If you'd like a unique way of saying "Au revoir" or "Welcome home" contact us, we'd be delighted to help.

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Our Price

Our customized poems cost $100 for a fourteen-line sonnet.
We believe in content rather than length.

An occasion has arisen
And your gift should be unique
Just contact us, we've got it
Exactly what you seek.
So if your granny is ninety
Or your folks are fifty years wed
If the light of your life's graduating
With gown and cap on her head
If a wee baby's being christened
Or perhaps it's Bar Mitzvah day
Just contact us we'll write it
To them on their most special day.
They'll love it in that special frame
Signed with the date and your name.