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Your customized speech will be generally completed in 2 to 3 days.
If you need it sooner, please specify that when filling in the form.

Custom speeches are very challenging because there are so many different events at which you might be asked to speak. You might be asked to address a Trade Union Conference, speak to The Synod of Bishops or to present a prize to the business person of the year. Perhaps you have a message you want to get across to the members of your local football club or a speech you want to give at your niece's wedding. Whether you want to be sentimental, inspirational or motivational our speeches are tailor made just for you. In fact our personalized speeches are exactly that,they express YOUR feelings and YOUR thoughts whatever the event. Let us at help you to make a real impression on any audience on any topic with one of our custom speeches.

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Our Price

Custom speeches cost US$150/€110 for a minimum three-minute speech. Longer speeches cost US$50/€35 per additional minute. We recommend three minutes for most speeches because we believe in content rather than length.

We've speeches for every occasion
So no matter what you want to say
Let us put your thoughts into words
And your speech will carry the day.