Custom Eulogy Poems

Custom funeral poems will express your love and sorrow in a unique way. Whether you are grieving for a family member, a colleague or a friend, contact us. We will write a poem that will say how much you cared and exactly what the bereaved meant in your life. It can be written to express the individual thoughts of a grandchild, a son or daughter, a spouse or a friend. Alternatively, it can be written simply to express the loss to all those present at the funeral. It is ideal as an ending to a eulogy or as a eulogy in itself. You might also care to use it on an In Memorium card. Such Custom funeral poems are the ideal, comforting keepsake for anyone who is grieving.

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Our Price

These funeral poems cost US$100/€70 and are usually written in sonnet form of 14 lines but they can be longer if necessary.

Let your tribute linger
In the memory
Every time they pause to think
Of the used-to-be