Custom Eulogies

Custom eulogies can help soften the sorrow of losing a loved one. Whether you've lost a family member, a colleague or a friend, the occasion calls for words that express how much they meant in your life and in the lives of others too. A fitting eulogy should bring the deceased alive to the mourners by making them laugh at incidents in his or her lifetime and by helping them remember his or her attributes. A eulogy sums up in a few short words the life and achievements of the deceased. Why not let us at write a eulogy that will ease hearts and convey your love and admiration for the deceased? Our custom eulogies can truly be described as words of comfort.

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Custom eulogies cost US$150/€110 and are usually between three and five minutes depending on the information provided. Content is better than length.

Loving words, kind words
Words that say "I cared"
Let us help you write them.
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