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We would like your speech to be very special. To make it memorable we need to form a mental picture of your relationship with your guests. So please do answer the questions as fully as possible. We do not need pages of information just a summing up of the important details. We have given samples to show you what we need.

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I remember my mother having wonderful birthday parties for each member of the family when we were growing up. Every school holiday she brought us to visit grandma at the farm.
My father was out canoeing and fell into the water and the lifeguard had to rescue him. He taught us all how to ride horses and he always sings as he drives the car. He taught us all to sing along with him. My best friend was at school with me, married the same year and our children were all born within a few days of each other. We continue to visit in alternative houses every Thanksgiving. She has been the rock in my life

12. Important details of celebrant. e.g. jobs personalities, hobbies, skills and interests.

My mother is the anchorwoman of our family. She is always there when there is an emergency. She is extremely efficient and the best organizer I know. She loves soaps, reads Mills and Boons and sings in the church choir. She is a keen gardener, waits on my father hand and foot and is adored by him in return. She is a doting grandmother who gives her grandchildren hours of attention, bringing them to the beach for swimming lessons and teaching them to paint and draw. She loves to talk and when she goes shopping she buys up the town.


My father is a quiet gentle man who is a gifted artist. He sells watercolours of local scenery to the tourists. He is a member of the Red Cross and reads the paper from beginning to end every day. He never misses the news or the weather forecast. He is mad about baseball and goes to games every week as well as coaching a local children's team. Despite being so quiet he never let us give any cheek just one word from him and we became very quiet. He loves Mozart and cannot stand rock and roll he is definitely not a party animal.


My friend is full of life and adores parties where he sings and plays the guitar. He is very fit and spends hours jogging every day. He is a doctor and works in the local cottage hospital and is loved especially by the children. He adores his mother and goes home every weekend to see her and as she is musical too they often invite friends in and have a musical evening in the family home. He is very clever but cannot boil an egg and doesn't know the first thing about Do-it-yourself. He loves crosswords and doing jigsaws.

ADD some gentle humour to the speech by telling us the celebrant's well-known foibles/faults. So if he is a chocoholic or has three left feet and cannot dance tell us. If she cannot park her car in a field, spends a fortune at shopping or never gets off the phone tell us that too.

13. Any special mentions? i .e. guests who have travelled a long way or special gifts that will mean a lot or someone doing the catering?
14. Omissions. There may be some people or subjects you do not want mentioned e.g. a divorce or perhaps gambling or drink. Please specify.
15. Anything else? If there is anything else you'd like to mention please tell us. If for instance the celebrant got married at ninety or is the Ploughing Queen do tell us.
16. Summing up. Please say in one sentence just what the celebrant means to you.
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